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CBSE School admission – Mount Litera Zee School

About Us

Welcome to Mount Litera Zee School. Or rather, an inspiring school of thought that is creating the next generation of thought-leaders in India.
Awarded as the 'K-12 School Chain of the Year' at Indian Educational Congress in 2015, Mount Litera Zee school has over 90 schools in 80+ cities nationwide. We provide steps for children to lead through our proprietary pedagogy, 'Litera Octave'. An integrated educational model that influences the child during their learning and development in school. Additionally, the holistic belief system – ESP (Emerging Student Profile), focuses on going beyond academic learning and resting on our core values like Integrity, Compassion and Humility. Thus, making them a future generation of Leaders.


Mount Litera Zee School | Program
  • Pre primary school
  • Primary school
  • Middle school
  • Secondary school
  • Higher Secondary school